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I work as a Zoological Field Assistant, and am the 2009 Winter Base Commander, at Bird Island Research Station, one of the British Antarctic Survey's five research bases in Antarctica. The main remit of my job is seal fieldwork as part of BAS' Long Term Monitoring and Survey programme. Science has been carried out on Bird Island since 1958. I work with Antarctic fur seals and leopard seals, as well as assisting with the seabird fieldwork programme. Contact me on: ewanedwards at gmail dot com

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

08.07.2009 - The view from my bedroom

Some days the view is uninspiring, with low cloud/fog obscuring the mountain

After a cold, clear night, a thick layer of ice has reformed on the puddles and streams outside the base

This seal was sleeping on the walkway on Tuesday...

...and in the same place on Wednesday morning!

In the middle of the winter the sun doesn't rise above Roche Peak, instead silhouetting it at around 12:30

A frozen stream (waterfall) in North Valley, 250m uphill from the back of the base

How incredible it is to look straight up the hill from my bedroom window and see a pair of wandering albatross adults visiting their chick

Sat at my desk in my room this morning, struggling with some mundane data entry, I glanced out the window and once again had one of those moments, all too common on Bird Island, where it is worth stopping to take in the amazing sights and sounds of the island.


Entre alacranes y mariposas amarillas... said...

What a nice beautiul view!

Christian said...


After a long time of silence, it's great to hear that you still enjoy your stay down there :)
Janika and me are bit closer to you now - from Scotland / Estonia, we're now in Kenya ;)

Ewan Edwards said...

Thanks Christian, always good to hear from you too. Best wishes