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I work as a Zoological Field Assistant, and am the 2009 Winter Base Commander, at Bird Island Research Station, one of the British Antarctic Survey's five research bases in Antarctica. The main remit of my job is seal fieldwork as part of BAS' Long Term Monitoring and Survey programme. Science has been carried out on Bird Island since 1958. I work with Antarctic fur seals and leopard seals, as well as assisting with the seabird fieldwork programme. Contact me on: ewanedwards at gmail dot com

Tuesday, 30 October 2007

30.10.2007 - At sea

We departed Stanley at 1900hrs on Monday October 29th, on a beautiful calm evening. Once clear of the islands there was a rolling oceanic swell, but the conditions were very pleasant. A few ginger beers later (ginger is good for seasickness) and it was bedtime.

The morning of Tuesday October 30th was again beautiful - wall to wall warm sunshine and a light breeze from the starboard quarter. We have beautiful wandering and black-browed albatroses, giant petrels and cape pigeons/cape petrels/pintados wheeling around behind the ship, but no whale sightings as yet.


Christian said...


Very good blog, I like the pictures you do!
How did you got the idea for this journey / research?



Ewan Edwards said...

Thanks very much for the feedback, Christian. It is actually a job, not a research program or anything else. I am a fieldworker essentially, collecting data for the British Antarctic Survey's Long Term Montitoring and Survey database, largely concerning the seals on Bird Island. I will be resident there for over two years, when I will be replaced by someone else.

Cheers, Ewan

christine said...

hi ewan
this is lauras aunty christine-i was intrested in what you were doing so have had a nosy, your pictures are stunning -im sure you will be able to sell some of them to publications. your work looks intresting though i think a bit long of a contract for most to handle -good luck in your new job